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The Publication of the Art Formula

The following records I, II and III of the resistances that the Art Formula has experienced since its beginning of emergence about 40 years ago and its first publication (1982 in the book: The Consciousness of Matter and the book: Art Riddles Solved by Dieter Liedtke/1990), have long since been overcome with further book publications in ES, EN, DE. Some of the protogonists of the art formula obstructions have died, are no longer active in politics or in the art trade or as art historians or journalists. The sabotage of the formula is yesterday's news but a place in history is assured for the art formula and its exhibition closed in Essen in 1999.

I have long considered whether to publish the history of the development of the art formula from the recent past in the following chapters here, since the interested art buyer can no longer imagine in democratic states how the constitutions are twisted to lock up the art formula and the understanding of art in the population is used to maintain power while dimming creativity and the prosperity of the citizen(s). The shooting of the Liedtke art formula exhibition art open -World Art from the Stone Age to Today- in Essen/Germany in 1999 and the dismantling and closing of art exhibitions in history can also be seen under this aspect of the sealing off of creativity. A direct line of obstruction of freedom through creativity, art and its application as well as the understanding of art and creativity goes back from the closures of art exhibitions to the time of the first feudal lordships of the peoples. This sabotage of creativity in the development of populations, which continues to this day in numerous states, sheds new light on the processes of forming democratic opinions. In the evolution of human beings and their environment in ethics and dignity, we could have long since overcome the long drawn-out beginnings of human development due to disabilities (as new neurobiological and epigenetic research results prove) and remove the sand (war, exploitation, disease, disinformation, fear and uncertainty about the future) from the evolutionary gears of human beings with the art formula and allow and promote the all-round lubricant "creativity" developed by nature for the evolution of life.

The mad snowstorm of cold disinformation about art has become clear water through the warmth of the art formula, and on the primordial ground of art everyone can recognise and extract the necessary information for ethical social development through creativity (also for financial and personal development).

The freedom formula of creativity and democracy has not been published in the classical media in Germany. Only via the internet has the information blockade for the art formula been dissolved. The breaking of the taboo "What is art -simply explained by the art formula-" marks the beginning of a Second Renaissance on all levels of society.

The evolving art market has gained new supporters through the art formula in museums, galleries, among artists and collectors as well as among the populations who have recognised the important evolutionary and genetically anchored task of art and creativity in humans for the development of ethical societies.


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