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The art open theory of Everything

Kunst + Freiheit
  • Bildserie Epigenetik ab 1986-88
  • Innovation:
  • Genetische Veränderung durch Erkenntnisse und Visionen
  • Titel: Weiße Gene: frei,
  • Plane, Videobänder, Acryllack, 1988

The Theory of Everything

Código Universo

Liedtke Museo Port d'Andratx

Museo Liedtke Fundación • Port d'Andratx • La Mola • Calle Olivera N° 35 • 07157 Mallorca


The Theory of Everything 

art en 1

Art formula

Seiten: 430

“The formula of Leonardo da Vinci of today, is the revolution in the history of art. By using a picture Liedtke wants to visualize in a pure and direct way the creativity pushes in order to make them understandable. His formula: Life + Cognition Expansion = Art is the condensate of his research and work which he explained in many of his publications: The cognition of the matter (1982), The fourth dimension (1987), The key to art (1990)”

Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann 1999
Art historian and director at Documenta (1972), Biennale de Lyon (1997), Biennale di Venezia (1999 and 2001) 
Consultant to the art open art exhibition

der da vinci liedtke code copy

The da Vinci - Liedtke Code

Exposition: Código Universo - Research through Art

Pages: 428

"In his own artistic work Dieter Liedtke, the contemporary Leonardo da Vinci, has created this striving towards an expanded consciousness. The way from the second into the fourth dimension, the white genes. On a cliff in Andratx on Majorca, he realized his architectural vision in a building that respects the Majorcan landscape. This also houses the museum."

Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann 1999
Art historian and director at Documenta (1972), Biennale de Lyon (1997), Biennale di Venezia (1999 and 2001) 
Consultant to the art open art exhibition

art open codigo universo die evolution der kunst2

art open Código Universo

- The evolution of Art - 
(Catalog world art exhibition)

Pages: 440

"The artformula as the center point of the exhibition art open fascinates not only artexperts but contains as well highly valuable informations for Natur historians."

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Schrenk
Director of the Senckenberg Research Institute
Professor of Paleobiology of vertebrates at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt

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art open codigo universo die theorie von allem

art open Código Universo

- The Theory of Everything -

Pages: 420

"In fact, Dieter W. Liedtke's works, which reflect his vision of art as creating abstractions, are in some way similar to the sketches and models by Leonardo da Vinci, as they recorded and represented real and important scientific findings at a time when the respective scientific disciplines were still far from them."

Dr. Jost-Hof
Cultural and communication scientist in an expertise on Dieter Walter Liedtke's works (2005) in the book World Formula (2007)

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art formula encyclopedia die evolution der kunst

art formula Encyclopedia

- The Evolution of Art -

Pages: 400

"Based on the method of conducting scientific research by means of art and philosophy, lost since the renaissance, Liedtke is the first artist after almost 5 centuries to once more achieve art and research results of the highest quality."

Dr. Thomas Föhl
Art historian and Member of the Board of the Weimar Classic Foundation Lender of a painting by Peter Paul Rubens for the art exhibition art open in 1999 in Essen

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forschen durch kunst katalog DE EN ES

Forschen durch Kunst

- Katalog DE, EN, ES -

Seiten: 404

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buchstabenfelder die gottesbeweise


- The proofs of God -

Pages: 236

"Dieter Liedtke's formula is an evolutionary achievement. Once invented and introduced, it enables itself."

Prof. Niklas Luhmann
Social Scientist and Social Theorist
Consultant of the Código Universo exhibition art open

information das prinzip der schoepfung


- The principle of the Creator -

Pages: 784 / Photos: 248

"Dieter Liedtke's insights and works of art require the construction of an observer, namely God, for whom time as the totality of all points in time is present."

Prof. Niklas Luhmann
Social Scientist and Social Theorist
Consultant of the Código Universo exhibition art open

kains umkehr der ethische kapitalismus globalpeace

Kains Umkehr

- The ethical capitalism - Globalpeace

Pages: 342 / Photos: 107

"The positive energy of the inventor artist and Leonardo da Vinci of contemporary art, Dieter Liedtke, can be experienced by every exhibition visitor through the works. His works, theories and concepts are revolutionary, infectious and show art and science new ways to a humane society."

Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann
Art historian and director at Documenta (1972), Biennale de Lyon (1997), Biennale di Venezia (1999 and 2001)
Consultant to the art open art exhibition



- The basis of the universe -

pages: 344 / pictures: 142

Liedtke modifies and dissolves the framework of known theories. His new scientific theories are both the condition and product of their own operation.

Prof. Niklas Luhmann
Social scientists and social theorists
Barater of the código universo art open art exhibition

f3okThe Genetic Piano

Eternal life through information

pages: 352 / pictures: 150

"His anticipatory findings are documented in his works of art, books and exhibitions shortly after their creation. They regularly find confirmation in the fact that, independently of Liedtke's art and research, years later leading scientists in various fields of science have provided evidence for Liedtke's results through new studies. In 2000 the neurobiologist Eric Kandel was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his research results, which were anticipated by 20 years through the art works of Dieter W. Liedtke and documented in his book: The Consciousness of Matter (published in 1982). In 2006, researchers Andrew Fire and Craig Mello received the Nobel Prize for their discovery in 1998 of how information controls genes, thus confirming in the first step D. Liedtke's artwork of the 80's: that genes and gene programs can be switched on and off"."

Dr. Thomas Föhl Kunsthistoriker Klassik Stiftung Weimar Member of the Board